Team Calendar

We have an interactive team calendar that allows all Cupboard blog authors to add information. This is where you'll add your name to the posting dates of your choice. It is set up to only accept one entry per date so that there will never be two posts on the same day. You'll be able to navigate through the months ~ They are located along the top. Click on the number of the day and a new page will open where you can enter your name & other pertinent information.
The calendar is located at - once there, click "administer this calendar" in the top right corner, then "view/edit" and you'll be prompted to log in.
You'll need this information:
User ID: cupboardblogteam
Password: sharingblessings
ID and Password are case sensitive.

You can even send yourself an email reminder about your French Cupboard blog post, just click HERE. (when the window opens, sign in with (pw: blessings), then select "Add". You will need to add your email address where it says "send to other email address")