Welcome to the Cupboard blog team! I'm so grateful that each of you is participating with us. You were chosen to part of this team because you portray loveliness, graciousness and creativity! Although each of us have similar styles, it's the diversity that we each bring to the blog that draws our readers here. You are free to post on topics of your choice as they relate to art, decor, how-to tutorials, vintage items ~ basically anything that isn't personal information (you know, "I feel like I'm getting sick, The garbage man is a jerk, My husband is making me crazy, The kids are misbehaving, etc). Stick to inspirational topics.

Feel free to add our blog team widget to your site or blog if you would like. The first is a regular sidebar button. You can link it to http://frenchcupboard.blogspot.com/ The second one displays a slideshow of the most recent posts and it is clickable. Just use the embed code that pops up after clicking "get widget".

Here's some information that you'll need in order to place your posts on the Cupboard blog.

1) Before anything, you need to go to our Team Calendar (see below for id & password) and select the date(s) that you'll be posting ~ Put your name in the appropriate slot;

2) You'll need your google sign-in information in order to create your post. Remember, if you pre-date your post to make sure to put the date you want it to post in the Post Options area;

3) It's a good idea to identify yourself somewhere in your post. Typically, either the beginning or the end are the best spots. Readers usually check those places first if they are wondering. You are welcome to add links to your own blog or website in your posts. Also, add your site name to the "labels" section of the post so that anyone looking for a post of yours can easily find you, even if the post they are looking for was 6 months ago.

4) Pictures ~ Blogger isn't great about loading large photos so let's stick to no larger than 500 pixels wide. Otherwise, it can take a long time for the photos to load.

5) Music ~ Please do not embed any music playlists as it may interfere with something that the Cupboard staff has placed on the blog.

6) Video ~ You may embed a video if it does not auto-start. Sometimes it's desirable to include a video tutorial or even to share an inspirational clip that you'd like to pass along. I trust that you'll use good judgment.

7) Copyright ~ Be sure to provide credits as necessary for someone else's work and always ask permission before posting any photos that are not your own.

Oh, one last thing... The settings are such that all the team members do not receive comments in an email. If you want to get those emails, just let me know and I'll change it.